Backdrop for the Win

Backdrop, a new DTC paint company, took a first-place prize in this year’s Dieline awards… honored and excited to have been part of the team behind the brand (as well as a campaign model;)

The Future of Fixing - Center for Craft Creativity & Design

Honored to have been selected as a Guest Librarian for this traveling exhibition's US stop. "The Future of Fixing" is an open source exhibition and program that promotes engagement with making and repair. It is a call for integrating fixing in our day to day life and for reflecting on attitudes to fixing in the future.

Metropolis - The Best Cities to Live In: Portland, OR

Unlike many cities in the American West, Portland, Oregon, didn’t start out as a boomtown. It’s grown steadily since being founded in the 1850s, endowed with a fortuitous location and valuable natural  resources (timber, first and foremost). Portland has been booming lately, however, and rather than trees, it’s wafered silicon and woven nylon fueling growth

Design for Repair: Things Can Be Fixed

Repair is both a constraint and an outcome of product design. It’s also a practical activity performed—or not performed, more often—on designed objects. Similar skills and understanding are required to design and fix things well, but these shared capacities are applied by different actors to very different practical ends. "Design for Repair" investigates the historical and current state of repair in material culture and identifies the insurgent potential of working product designers.